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It wasnt romantic. It was Christmas morning 2016. I was in the kitchen scrambling eggs for our breakfast. Now I knew eventually that I was going to be asked because I picked out my set. I just didnt know when. Anyhow, im standing in front of the stove and Patrick comes by me and says," Here! Put this on."  I was like what the heck is he talking about I am fully dressed and then I looked at what was in his hand. I just stood there, spatula raised, eggs cooking and I am just staring between him and the ring in his hand. So, I tell him that I am not going to answer his question until he asks me properly. He paused, then yelled "FINE! Margaret Archer, you marry me?" And after five seconds passed I screamed yes, grabbed my ring and went into the other room to start making phone calls. He had to finish the eggs because I had other things on my mind at that moment.

I said, "Here! Wear this." Game over.