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Around Christmas time, I brought Nate to Buffalo for his very first visit to my hometown. We planned to go site seeing at some of my favorite places around the city. I was taking my sweet time getting ready for the day and didn’t think anything of it when Nate told me he was bored and asked me to hurry up. I finished getting ready and headed out to our first stop, Delaware Park in North Buffalo. It was a cold day but we still made a full lap around the park and even got to see actual Buffalo hanging out at the Buffalo zoo. We then headed Hoyt Lake, a nearby park located just behind the Buffalo art museum.  There I showed him around and pointed out all of my favorite spots.  When I pointed at the location where a lot of wedding parties are held is when Nate turned to me and said, “Can I ask you something?” My heart immediately feel to the floor as he proceeded to kneel, hold up the ring and ask me to marry him.  It was very, very sweet and something I’ll never forget.  Nate further surprised me with a night at the Hyatt, a lovely dinner at a well-known steak house, and then drinks with some of my friends.