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Meet the Bride, Margarita Garcia! She was born July 26, 1993 in Arlington, VA. A city girl at heart, moved to Culpeper a little over 6 years ago with her family. In middle school and high school, Margarita played basketball with her older sister Elena. Their father, Jose Garcia, was considered their head coach! She is very close with her mother, Lola Garcia. She is a huge animal lover, make up finatic and one heck of a shopper! She has 4 other siblings and is the "middle child" out of the bunch. Alex being her oldest brother and Elena her oldest sister. Amanda is her youngest sister and David is her youngest brother. She is considered the "grandma" out of the bunch because she enjoys spending her free time in the house watching a movie on a Friday night! 


Meet the Groom, Donte Orange! He was born May 16th 1988. He was born and raised in smalltown Culpeper, VA. He pursued his bachelors degree in Pittsburgh, PA. Donte played football throughout middle and high school! He was one of Culpepers star players! He now watches on and coaches his younger brother, Montrez who will be Culpepers next star player! Dontes mother Donna has always been his number 1 supporter! On Dontes free time he enjoys watching and playing sports with his friends and eating a good home cooked meal! That's a typical man for ya!