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BrideJesse and I met about a year before we started dating. From the first time I remember seeing her I knew there was something special about her. During the next year we just talked more and more and built a very solid friendship. Even though each time we had made plans to go hangout something always happened (ok maybe I was scared. Lol) we ended up going to breakfast and had probably the best conversation I've ever been in and I knew from that moment I had to win her heart. 
So I don't really know how it happend or have exact dates. But I remember talking to tony about cooking and sons of anarchy. And how we made plans for dinner and something came up and he didn't make it. After that we started talking more and more. And then we went to breakfast and he was so easy to talk to we started hanging out more and more and with out realizing it I found myself falling more and more in love with him