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michelle and tamara trotter's Honeymoon Registry

zz The Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas

Thank you for visiting our SPG Resorts in Hawaii Honeymoon Registry. We are so excited to take the honeymoon of our dreams and create memories that will last forever.


Road to Hana

Together, we will discover the untouched beauty of Maui with the Road to Hana tour! Our guide will take us down winding trails and dusty roads to experience some of the most beautiful viewing spots of this lush oasis. We will explore the exotic surroundings and enjoy a refreshing swim in the cascading waterfalls before heading back to Westin Ka'anapali!

registry_cart_item_1950147 Road to Hana

Sunset Horseback Riding

Sunset Horseback Riding

On our romantic honeymoon at Westin Ka'anapali, we will enjoy the Sunset Horseback Riding excursion! We will hop on our horses and ride down winding trails to admire lush foliage and the rugged coastline on the way to the beach. At the beach, we will sit back, relax and admire the Hawaiian sun setting below the sparkling water's horizon with our horses!

registry_cart_item_1950148 Sunset Horseback Riding

Wailele Polynesian Luau at The Westin Maui

Wailele Polynesian Luau at The Westin Maui

Westin Ka'anapali offers us a memorable experience with the traditions of the Hawaiian Islands at the Wailele Polynesian Luau at Westin Maui! Here, we will indulge in a tantalizing four course dinner, enjoy cocktails and tropical concoctions and take delight in decadent desserts. Surrounded by lush greenery and cascading waterfalls at Westin Maui's Aloha Pavilion, we will be entertained by the colorful costumes, authentic dances and upbeat songs of the islands. To top that off, we will witness the amazing and exciting fire knife dance!

registry_cart_item_1950149 Wailele Polynesian Luau at The Westin Maui

Unique Ideas

Our Hawaiian Honeymoon Contribution

Our Hawaiian Honeymoon Contribution

Our romantic Hawaiian honeymoon at Westin Ka'anapali promises us an unforgettable experience in the tropical charms and exotic luxuries of paradise! Thanks to your thoughtful contribution, we will take comfort in the sumptuous settings of our room, indulge in tantalizing cuisines, enjoy an array of thrilling activities and discover a place of peace and calm in the spa. Together we will explore the enchantment and mesmerizing beauty of the islands on our Hawaiian holiday!

registry_cart_item_1950156 Our Hawaiian Honeymoon Contribution

Dream Package

With your lovely wedding gift, I will take delight in the Dream Package at Spa Helani on my tropical honeymoon! I will receive a lavish massage treatment of my choice and indulge in a facial of my choice before enjoying a sumptuous spa lunch. My mind, body and spirit will be renewed and I will feel as if I am floating on a cloud!

registry_cart_item_1950160 Dream Package

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

I will discover the luxuries of paradise with the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage in the soothing settings of Spa Helani! My body will be massaged with fragrant virgin coconut lemongrass cream and soothing rhythmic techniques combined with flowing massage movements. This lavish massage will awaken my senses with the refreshing scents of Hawaii and will calm my mind, body, free spirit and soul!

registry_cart_item_1950162 Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Heavenly Massage

Heavenly Massage

Thanks to your thoughtful wedding gift, I will experience pure tropical bliss on my honeymoon! At Spa Helani, my body will be pampered with one of their signature aromatherapy oils, white tea aloe for vitality, chamomile lavender for tranquility or green tea grapefruit to energize. Using soothing massage strokes and fragrant essential oils, I will discover a world of peace and calm in paradise!

registry_cart_item_1950163 Heavenly Massage

Thank You for visiting our honeymoon bridal registry and wedding website. We decided to use this honeymoon bridal registry to allow us to pre-plan all the wonderful things we want to do on our dream honeymoon. If you have any questions about how our honeymoon bridal registry works, please contact a honeymoon registry specialist at 800-801-3493 and they can help with our wedding registry list. Again, Thank You so much for using our honeymoon bridal registry and wedding website. Most of all, thank you for being part of our wedding and helping us have the romantic honeymoon and wedding we've always imagined.
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